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Rheinwoche 2011 and 2012

We had the great pleasure of participating in Rheinwoche 2011 held at Yacht-Club Rhein-Mosel in Koblenz, Germany in June 2011, where the X1 won the Blue Riband Prize for being the fastest boat on elapsed time over the three days of sailing. Below is a translation of the www.rheinwoche.org report (Many thanks to Catriona for this).

We returned in May 2012, this time sailing down the big river itself approx 170km from Cologne to Rees, and with wonderful weather, brilliant race organisation and incredibly friendly competitors had another exceptionally enjoyable time. This year we were the 4th fastest boat overall, and the fastest dinghy

Report of Rheinwoche 2011

From www.rheinwoche.org:

Rheinwoche took place this spring, as it has almost every year since 1922.  Due to the low levels of water in the Rhein, the organisers were forced, at short notice, to move the race to a stretch of the Mosel. Luckily this year’s sponsor, Rhein-Mosel Yacht Club, is based in Koblenz on the Mosel, so the new location could be identified as fast as possible.

Despite the location transfer, the event was a great success.  Competitors came from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and even England.  More than 80 boats took part in 10 classes and six start groups on the Mosel, in predominantly light and fluky winds.  Four of the five planned races were sailed.  The strongest class was the Pirats with 19 starters.

The winners on the river were the two Londoners, Martin Dixon and Chris Winnington-Ingram, with their new X1 Riverboat.  They had the combined fastest time over all races of 4 hours and 48 seconds and therefore won the ‘Rheinwoche Blue Ribbon’.  All boats were competing for this prestigious trophy.

The fastest two-man-keelboat was ‘Kermit 2’ with Jens Leicher and crew from the sponsoring Rhein-Mosel Yacht Club.  They sailed in the Dyas fleet, the second strongest class with 14 boats.

The fastest three-man-keelboat was ‘Fritz’ with Helge von der Linden, Andreas Wiebeck and Martin Mutz from the Yacht Club Wesel (YCW).

The winner of the ‘Pale Blue Ribbon’ for the fastest yacht on corrected time was Karl-Heinz Erich in a Finn dinghy.  Each boat has a handicap, the yardstick, which is divided into the time sailed so that the corrected time, relative to the other participating boats, can be compared.

The winners in the ‘Yardstick equal/above 110’ class was Ralf Teichmann and Jos Vase from the Wesler Segler Kameradshaft with four wins and therefore with the minimum point total of four points.

Next year the race is planned for the stretch of river between Koln-Porz and Rees with stops at Lorick and Wesel.  We will be celebrating: Rhein Woche will be 90, Lorick Yacht Club will be 50 and Yacht-Club Wesel will celebrate its 75th anniversary.  Helge von der Linden, deputy Chairman of the regatta organising committee and member of YCW is looking forward to welcoming many international sailors who will, as part of Rheinwoche sail for the European Cup ‘Sprinta Sport’.  And our friends from the Thames would like to point out, that you can also sail their dinghy in strong tides.  They have promised to bring more teams from England to this high profile event next time.

The ‘Blue Ribbon’ [Blaues Band] goes to the Thames this year. 


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