X0 and X1 Dinghies - modern performance dinghies for rivers, estuaries and all inland waters



  • Hiking only, no trapeze – simple and comfortable
  • Hull shape designed for light wind performance, and ability to tack easily
  • Very large, spacious cockpit
  • Completely self-draining, no bailing, quick to get going again after a capsize
  • Incredibly strong and lightweight epoxy foam sandwich hull will remain stiff and competitive for years
  • Moulds made from CNC machined plugs providing the highest quality construction and finish  
  • High performance foils - lifting rudder and centreboard


  • Carbon mast and boom for light weight and modern gust response qualities.
  • Three sail plan, including high aspect laminate mainsail, dacron/laminate jib.
  • Symmetric twin patch spinnaker, with aluminium spi pole. Chute system for simplicity
  • Good visibility through sails – easily see where you’re going
  • Gnav system providing extra cockpit space
  • Sealed mast and external halyards to help against inversion after capsize



X1 and X0 Sail Plan Comparison Line Drawing
X1 and X0 Sail Plans
Tower Bridge panoramic view
Tower Bridge panoramic view - Photo: Matt Stevens
Manufacturers: Ovington, Selden, Harken, Hyde Sails, Spinlock