X0 and X1 Dinghies - modern performance dinghies for rivers, estuaries and all inland waters

X0 or X1?

The choice of which boat is best for you and your crew will depend firstly on your weight, and secondly on your level of experience.

The X0 will be suitable for lighter weight (125 - 160kg) or less experienced crews, who will find the boat particularly comfortable, roomy, fast and very forgiving to sail with its long length and its ultra-modern carbon mast and square-top mainsail combination, while the X1 will suit heavier weight (150 - 195kg) or more experienced crews, who will relish the challenge and the power of the larger rig, its fantastic manoeuvrability for such a large boat, and its incredible performance in light winds.

X0 Sail Plan
Cookham race

The difference between the two boats is simply their masts and the sails - everything else, the hull, deck fittings, boom and spinnaker pole are exactly the same for both - so that a good plan for anyone not sure of which boat to go for - the X0 or X1 - would be to start with an X0 and get to know the boat.

If desired at a later stage the X1 option could then be added simply by purchasing the X1 "mast and sail pack" only. This would then, with both the X0 and the X1 rig available, give a huge amount of flexibility for a range of different people to sail the boat, from lighter or heavier weight two person racing crews, to parents who sail together or with their children in some combination.

X1 Sail Plan
Burghfield test

Whichever boat is chosen, you can count on:

  • an exceptional build quality, and a long almost maintenance-free life
  • a boat easy to manoeuvre round the dinghy park (by one person!), and fast to sail on the water
  • a huge open self-draining cockpit with simple and efficient controls
  • an ability to carry two or three crew (or even more.....an adult and up to four kids - see our 'Abandon Ship' video)
  • a one-design spec which assures you that if you go racing you will have exactly the same equipment as everyone else.
Manufacturers: Ovington, Selden, Harken, Hyde Sails, Spinlock